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27-Aug-2022 Fonda Mondoux-Stewart (Malakowsky) (Post Falls, Idaho United States)
Thank you for the school information of our graduating class!

26-Aug-2022 Steve Van Trieste (Waukesha, WI US)
Sorry i missed you guys for the 50th, i had jury duty (first time) from 16-19Aug. Hoping to see you all at the next one!
Steve Van Trieste, Waukesha WI

10-Aug-2022 Tami Renzy Farnes (Spokane, Washington)
Came to Trentwood in 1964 in the 4th grade. Then went to Trent Jr. High 7th and 8th grade with Deanna Jensen and Lisa White being my best Buddys, along with Maria Cochran. 1969 Freshman at East Valley then we moved to Portland Oregon my Sophomore year. Moved back to Spokane in 1976.

13-Jul-2022 don rees (Gig Harbor, WA United States)
OK... have set up for golf game the morning after the reunion picnic... 8.30 and 8.40. Let's have fun and swing some clubs and BS together like old times. Email me direct so that i can make sure we have our tee times secured.

22-Jul-2021 Steve Van Trieste (Waukesha, WI USA)
50th class reunion? Are we going to have one?

I'm really looking forward to having one! Anybody else ready for a good party?

23-Aug-2016 Tom Lookabill (Spokane, Washington United States)
Does anyone know if we are going to start the planning for a 45 year reunion. We can't go every 10 years anymore we are all getting too old. LOL

17-Dec-2013 Sue (Scheller) Gunderson (Spokane Valley, Washington United States)
Just wanted to wish everyone a Very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! If anyone is going to be around during the holidays I'll be taking some time off work so meeting for coffee would be great! Maybe between Christmas and News Years........let me know?

09-Jun-2013 Tom Lookabill (Spokane, Washington United States)
Well I haven't been here for awhile so I am just checking in. I hope everyone is doing fine. I moved back to Spokane 7 years ago from Southern California so if anyone wants to catch up over a cup of coffee just drop me a note. Heck... I'll even buy.

16-Aug-2012 Sue Gunderson (Scheller) (Spokane Valley, WA USA)
Had a great time at the reunion............check out the facebook page this week as a few who could not make it are back in town and we're trying to get together for a visit!

11-Aug-2012 Carol Volland (Otis Orchards, WA USA)
Had a good time at the 40 yr. reunion. It was a good opportunity to visit with my old classmates, especially the ones I have known since kindergarten. There were some people there whom I hadn't seen for many, many years & then there are the ones who are very loyal in attending every reunion. I have to applaud Otis Orchards Elem. for having the most attendees (9). Thanks to those who got the reunion organized & for Gary Nance for having this very nice website. Blessings to one & all, & maybe we'll see each other in another 5 yrs.